Home inspections can be ordered by both homeowners and buyers to understand the overall condition of a residential property and determine its value. Here are a few benefits of using drones in home inspections and how they can add valuable information to your inspection report.

Using Drones in Home Inspections is Safer

Inspectors put themselves at risk of injury when inspecting roofs, making drones a useful and safer option. Drones are operated from the ground and they allow inspectors to get a better look at hard-to-access areas.

Save Time

Whether inspecting a home that is on several acres or a multi-level building, a drone can access features quickly and document them as images or videos. This allows the home inspector to provide a more thorough inspection report to the customer.

Access Hard-to-Reach Areas

Drones are convenient during home inspections because they can access hard-to-reach areas. A home may have roof damage or other features that make it difficult to inspect some aspects of the house. Vertical structures are challenging to examine and can put the inspector’s safety at risk. With a drone, it only takes a few seconds to inspect the area, which means a more streamlined inspection process.

Clear Pictures Using Drones in Home Inspections

Another advantage of using drones in home inspections is getting clear images of the exterior of the building and the surrounding property. Drones are built with high-definition cameras that can document photos of broken shingles or siding that needs to be replaced. These pictures can be used to assess roof features, slopes, flashing, and roof coverings.

The high-resolution images help the homeowner to better understand the needed repairs. They are also important for documentation and can be given to a potential buyer to illustrate the condition of the house.

There are many advantages to using a drone during a home inspection. By taking advantage of advanced technology, drones provide accurate, high-quality results and a more detailed home inspection report.

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