Decluttering your home reduces stress, improves the condition of your living spaces, and makes organizing and cleaning your home an easier task. The steps below will help you get started when you’re thinking about how to effectively declutter your home.

How to Declutter Your Home the Easy Way

The thought of decluttering your entire home may seem stressful and time-consuming. While this is a big project, it does not have to be intimidating. You can simplify the process and enjoy the results with minimal hassle or stress.

1. Pull Together All Supplies

When you declutter your space, you’ll decide which items you want to keep and which to get rid of. Make different piles for things to keep, toss, donate, and mend. Plan to have enough containers available to sort these items in an organized fashion.

All items that will be trashed go directly into a trash bag, and all donated items can be placed in cardboard boxes. Gather some organizational supplies, such as storage bins, for the items you will keep when planning how to effectively declutter your home.

2. Create Guidelines for How to Effectively Declutter Your Home

Creating rules for decluttering will help you make light work of a challenging project. Get rid of anything that has not been used in the last 12 months and that you have no immediate plans to use. Only touch belongings once. This forces you to be decisive about what you will do with each item.

3. Create Dedicated Spaces

To declutter your home and keep the spaces organized, give everything a place of its own. If you intend to keep it, don’t toss it randomly back into the closet. Instead, place the item on a shelving system, in a bin, or in some other organized manner. Storage features are essential to keeping your home clean and tidy long-term.

4. Do Your Cleaning Now

Cleaning your home while decluttering may feel like you’re adding to the scope of your project. However, it makes sense to clean the closets and the cabinet shelves while these features are empty. Spending a few minutes cleaning your storage spaces will give you an immaculate, organized home at the end of the project.

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